Need To Relax? There’s an App for That

Technology has come a long way in making our lives easier, including how we handle stress. Apps can be used for more than ordering delivery or finding your next date. These apps will help you get into the right mindset to accomplish your goals and focus on positive steps to improve your life.

If you need a new way to get a handle on the tension in your life, use this Monday to check out these apps and work toward a stress-free life:

  1. Happify: Learning about your stress – and conquering it – can be fun with Happify. Users follow “tracks” to fight anxiety and negativity, and daily quizzes make sure you stay consistent. The app employs research from psychologists and neuroscientists to give you the right tests for your situation.
  2. Sanvello: Stress can come from anywhere — whether it’s your job, a relationship, or your health — and each trigger requires a different tool. Sanvello tracks your mood throughout the day and offers calming tips, such as breathing and muscular relaxation exercises. If you feel stressed during the day, record it through audio exercises and revisit it to find a solution later on.
  3. Headspace: If you’re interested in trying meditation, or want to engage more deeply with the practice, try Headspace. Headspace offer a range of exercises for all experience levels to help users cope with different sources of anxiety. You can use this app wherever you want, whether you’re on a train to work or waiting at the doctor’s office for an appointment.
  4. Stop, Breathe & Think: Stop, Breathe & Think helps users cope with stress by managing their breathing. The app offers a variety of exercises, and you can learn about the effects of stress on the body.
  5. Calm: With Calm, you can choose which stress-relief solution will allow you to achieve your desired state of mind, whether it’s improving your focus, increasing happiness, or developing gratitude. Podcasts play music, meditation sessions help you relax, and calming background images help you feel at ease.

It’s important to have a tool that can be useful for stressful moments that can occur anywhere and anytime. With these apps, you can use different techniques to stay in a positive state of mind when you want to be productive or unwind on your down time.

Try these apps this Monday to start the week off with a clear head on your shoulders.