Deep Breathing

For centuries, cultures all over the world have used deep breathing as a way to reduce tension of both body and mind.

Deep breathing sends a message to the brain to relax, and when this signal from the brain is forwarded to the rest of the body, the negative symptoms of stress—increased heart rate, rapid breaths, high blood pressure—are replaced with a sense of calm.

The DeStress Monday Deep Breathing Package is a 9-week series designed to introduce users to the basic breathing techniques, as well as highlight the emotional and physical benefits of deep breathing. This Monday, see how you can use deep breathing to help ease the stress of the week.

The DeStress Monday Deep Breathing Package

Download our 9-week package and start reducing stress with a variety of deep breathing practices.

Take a Deep Breath

DeStress Monday offers easy-to-follow mindfulness practices that may help reduce symptoms of stress. One of the most basic elements of a mindful practice is deep breathing.
Deep breathing can help you relax. Time your breath to these animated breathing graphics and notice how much better you feel afterwards.
Heart racing? Feeling overwhelmed? Use Monday to practice belly breathing as an easy and proven way to reduce stress.
While focusing on your breath will help you clear your head, the physical act of deep breathing also helps your heart. This Monday, take a few deep breaths for heart health!
Deep breathing exercises are a great way to reduce stress - concentrate and breathe deeply for a minute with our square breathing GIF.
Your breathing is a valuable tool to slow down your heart rate, lessen anxiety, regulate your moods, and calm you down. To enjoy the health benefits of mindful breathing, take a moment to learn the basics.
If you’re feeling a little low energy or having trouble focusing, try this easy one-minute controlled breathing exercise you can do anywhere and anytime.
Not getting enough sleep? Instead of getting grumpy, try some deep belly breathing exercises this Monday to relax and get some rest tonight.
You need the right exercises to relieve stress and you need to face whatever is bringing negativity into your life head on. Combine the two with this breathing visualization exercise.