Breathe In Light, Breathe Out Darkness

You need the right exercises to relieve stress and you need to face whatever is bringing negativity into your life head on. Combine the two with this breathing visualization exercise. The goal of this exercise is to focus on the good things in your life while moving on from everything that’s holding you back.

If you’re looking for a new way to start fresh on Mondays, as well as relax and keep your life positive, try this meditation practice:

  1. Find the right position: You need to be comfortable while you’re breathing so you can keep your mind on your goals. You can either sit upright in a chair or lay down in your bed or on the floor in a way that keeps you from falling asleep.
  2. Go into the light: Visualize an orb of light as a tranquil place to manage your energy. The light can take the form of positive aspects of your life, such as your relationships with friends and family, your progress in working out, your achievements at your job, or aspirations you have for your future. Breaths should be slow to give your lungs an easy time. A few rounds should do the trick.
  3. Breathe in: Now breathe in the light you visualize. Give yourself a second or two to hold the breath so that the light enters your head, neck and shoulders. Take your time so the light work for your entire body.
  4. Breathe out: Let your air out while visualizing that your physical, mental, and emotional stress is leaving with it. This energy should take the form of black smoke that dissolves into the light around you. The smoke can represent anything from toxic relationships and past experiences to a physical injury and worries about your financial future.
  5. Repeat breaths: Four breaths in and out should do the trick. Keep your breaths slow so that the right amount of light and smoke enters and leaves your body.
  6. Move to the rest of your body: This exercise must now shift to the rest of your body. First, bring the light and exhale the smoke in your arms, hands and chest, then shift to your abdomen, hips, legs, genitals and feet.
  7. Open your eyes: Open your eyes, get back on your feet, and tackle the day.

Give this breathing exercise a shot this Monday so you can replace any negativity with positive energy.

For a more guided experience, follow along with our President, Peggy Neu’s Fresh Start meditation: