DeStress Monday’s Most Popular Practices of 2021

If the year 2021 taught us anything, it’s the importance of self-care. Carving out time to pause, rest, and relax can help reduce stress levels and instill us with a soothing sense of calm.

Our most popular articles of 2021 showcase the different ways that you can make time for yourself. Whether it’s a minute of deep breathing or a whole list of stress management techniques, these are the practices readers like you turned to again and again to start the week feeling relaxed and refreshed.

This Monday, let’s get ready for 2022 with a renewed commitment to staying calm, focused, and stress-free.


DeStress SMARTTake the SMART Approach to Self-Care

We all have goals we want to accomplish, but the way to reach those goals isn’t always clear. The SMART approach can help set us on the path to success. SMART stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based. Think of the SMART method as a road map, leading you from milestone to milestone. By breaking down goals into specific, measurable, and attainable steps, you are more likely to stay focused and maintain your commitment.

For the SMART Approach to Self-Care, click here.

Single-Pointed Concentration GIFSingle-Pointed Concentration

If you find yourself in need of a quiet, slow moment amidst a storm of chaos and noise, single-pointed concentration might be a great solution. This practice has roots in Buddhist meditation, but even if you’re not spiritual you can still appreciate the focus and concentration you will learn.

For the Single-Pointed Concentration, click here.

5 Techniques for Stress ManagementThe 5 Most Important Techniques for Stress Management

Stress is a natural element of the human existence, but it doesn’t have to overwhelm your day-to-day life. Stress management techniques are designed to mitigate feelings of anxiety and tension, and help you deal with these emotions in a healthy, productive way. But with so many different methods and approaches available, how do you know which one is right for you?

For The 5 Most Important Techniques for Stress Management, click here.

For stress relief, just take a deep breath.Intro to Deep Breathing

It’s hard to imagine that an action as simple as breathing can have such a dramatic effect on your mood, but techniques for deep breathing (also known as diaphragmatic breathing) have been used in different cultures for centuries as a way to reduce tension of both the body and mind.

For the Intro to Deep Breathing, click here.

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