Find Solace in the Healing Power of Nature

DeStress Earth Anim

Nature is medicine for soul. Walking outside, whether through a wooded trail, public park, or breezy coastline, can have a miraculous, almost magical, impact on our mental wellbeing. The healing properties of the outdoors is well documented by scientists and spiritualists alike, with almost every culture around the globe demonstrating a certain degree reverence and respect for the planet.

Religions of all varieties believe that nature is an act of divinity and should be treated and respected as such. In Buddhism, the notion of karma speaks of conservation and a responsibility of the future; within Christian teachings, there are hundreds of Bible verses discussing the importance of protecting the environment and encouraging behavioral change to ensure a better future; while Confucianism, a philosophy that makes up the backbone of many East Asian religions, calls for a sustainable, harmonious relationship between the human species and nature.

Regardless of your spiritual belief, spending time outdoors can help you relieve stress and find balance; and fostering a stronger connection to our natural surroundings requires only an open mind and a bit of focus.

A good place to start is going for a mindful nature walk. By paying greater attention to your surroundings, you’ll learn to appreciate — and find solace in — all the sensory elements of the outdoors. By paying attention to the sound of the wind, the heat of the sun, the smell of the foliage, you’ll slowly begin to release your stress and find a sense of calm.

Repeating a mantra can also help you connect with nature. Saying the below phrases can be a helpful reminder of all that the planet offers us. Follow along with our globe breathing GIF, and let this Monday be the day you recommit to preserving the Earth.

“I am grateful for the nourishment that every fruit, vegetable, grain, herb, and spice brings my body with every meal.”

“I appreciate the changing of the seasons and the new life that each season brings.”

“I am thankful for the silence of the trees, the whisper of the wind, and songs of the animals that allow me to find peace and serenity in my own mind.”