Head Stress Off at the Pass this Monday with Bed Yoga

Give stress a rest this Monday with bed yoga. When your first wake up, don't reach for your phone! This simple bed yoga routine will help you stretch into a stress-free Monday.

When you wake up, don’t reach for your phone! Start your day with some self-care sunshine instead. This simple bed yoga routine will help you stretch into a stress-free Monday. Easy and relaxing, bed yoga is a gentle way to start the week.

Bed yoga can be done in bed, upon waking. Imagine spending ten minutes regaining your calm before you even step out of bed? Doing yoga on a mattress is soft, accommodating, and works especially well for those who have an injury or a physical limitation.

Through a series of gentle stretches, you’ll disconnect your stress before it starts this Monday. We’ll get you started on three basic poses, you can take it from there when you feel ready. See our video for more poses and guidance.

Child’s Pose. Begin by smiling. Just put a big smile across your face. You are taking care of yourself! Recline into a child’s pose. Did you know this pose elongates the back, opens the hips, rests the mind, encourages digestion, and is super calming for the mind? Breathe away the stress. What a way to start the day.

Reclining Bound Angle Pose. Now, lie back down. Doesn’t that sound great? Join the soles of your feet and splay your legs into reclining bound angle pose. This restorative posture works your hips and groin area. Breathe in fresh air and let it gently wake you.

Happy baby pose. Just the sound of it makes you want to know more. Stay lying down and bend your knees at a right angle while grabbing your feet. Say good morning to your hips in this major hip opener! This pose also stimulates digestion and massages the tummy. Are you feeling happy? Smile!

To do more bed yoga, continue watching our video or check out our infographic below to see how easy it is to start your day feeling refreshed and energized in minutes. Produced in collaboration with NYU Langone’s Department of Integrative Health Programs, our DeStress Monday morning bed yoga routine will start Monday on the right track, and can be part of your morning ritual to keep stress in check.