Manage Your Anger This Monday by Flipping the Script and Staying Positive

techniques to manage anger

Even the most level-headed people will run into a situation that will make them feel angry. That’s only human! However, you don’t have to let anger take over. There are plenty of ways to replace your anger with more constructive thoughts. This Monday, turn your frown upside down and pivot to the positive!

While anger is a very natural emotion to feel when you become frustrated – especially when that frustration has been building – it can cause a lot of stress on your body as well as your mind. There are ways to manage the physical symptoms you may feel, but another way to deal with anger is to change its focus. Don’t get mad, get happy!

Start by getting your mind in a more positive place. You can do a short mindfulness exercise that will keep you from dwelling on a stressful situation and help you let go. Anger can cause you to lose your focus, so learning how to step back will help you regain your perspective. Now that you’ve distanced yourself from the source of anger, shift your internal dialogue to be more encouraging and constructive. Remind yourself that there is light at the end of the tunnel and this stressful situation will be resolved.

Another way to view anger is as energy. It’s not a good idea to stay angry for very long; however it is possible to channel your emotions into something positive. Think about solutions to your stressful situation instead of staying frustrated – how do you remedy the source of your anger? Better yet, what do you need to change in order to make yourself (and everyone else) happy? If you can let your emotions drive anger, you can redirect them to be motivated, productive, and ultimately satisfied.

Anger doesn’t have to spoil a great day! This Monday, flip the script on your emotional momentum and work towards a positive solution.