Share a Laugh

They say laughter is the best medicine, and in the case of alleviating stress, this may very well be true. Research has found that laughter promotes some serious, mood-boosting benefits, including instant stress and tension relief.  A consistent laughter practice has even been shown to alleviate pain and strengthen the immune system.

When you’re feeling particularly low, it may be hard to imagine laughter, but there are several ways to incite the silly within. Doing so can put you in a more positive frame of mind, which will set you up to better tackle whatever’s on your plate.

This week, make laughter a part of your Monday Refresh. Here are some ways to get started:

  • Watch a scene from your favorite comedy on YouTube.
  • Try laughing for no particular reason – invite a friend or colleague to do this with you and you’ll double the laughs.
  • Think back to an incident or joke that had you laughing to tears. The memory alone might have you weeping all over again.
  • Spend a few minutes reading or watching some work by your favorite comedian.
  • Tell someone your favorite funny story.
  • Google “jokes.” There’s sure to be something that’ll tickle your funny bone.
  • Keep a laughter journal, a record of moments that had you laughing in real time. Your entries will serve as your personal joke book for years to come.
  • Watch some of the videos one neuroscientist uses to make others laugh. They’re scientifically proven!