Shift to the Positive

When you’re feeling optimistic, everything seems to fall into place. That’s because positivity perpetuates positivity. If your mind is focused on joy, kindness, and contentment, these feelings will manifest themselves in other aspects of your life like your job, family, and friendships.

But how does one practice positivity?

It’s actually easier than you think. The Destress Monday Shift to the Positive Package is designed to support the health-related goals of your organization, community, or workplace by introducing practices for promoting and sustaining positivity. This 13-week package includes easy-to-implement DeStress Monday practices that can help generate feelings of kindness, compassion, calm, and gratitude, and ultimately shift the user’s focus to the positive. Whether it’s writing a gratitude list, spreading kindness, displaying empathy, or relieving negative thoughts, these simple actions have the power to transform one’s mindset and cast the world in a brighter light. Make Monday the day to perpetuate positivity and set your week up for success.

Download the Shift to the Positive Package

Shift to the Positive

Download our 13-week package featuring practices for promoting and sustaining positivity.

What’s in the Package?

Our Shift to the Positive package contains thirteen inspirational graphics designed to encourage a weekly DeStress Monday positivity practice. Each graphic is supported by a corresponding educational article which offer practical resources and activity ideas. We’ve broken the practices into an introductory article that outlines the benefits of positivity, followed by the four core categories of positivity practices: Happiness, Compassion, Gratitude, and Calm.

Intro to Positivity

Positivity is an overarching concept that consists of four core principles: happiness, compassion, gratitude, and calm. Understanding these four categories will help with incorporating positivity into your mindset and daily interactions.


This Monday, see how taking a glass-half-full instead of a glass-half-empty approach, or adopting a more optimistic point of view, can help you feel better about daily life, and build mental strength and resilience.
The more you identify yourself and act as a confident person, the stronger and more capable you’ll feel. This Monday, refresh your mind and body by filling yourself with confidence.
Smile, you’re on camera. Well, not really, but just pretend like you are, because the simple act of smiling can do you and everyone around you a lot of good.


Radiate kindness on Monday. When you practice kindness towards others it helps them, and surprisingly, it will help you too.
Research shows that it only takes one good deed to change a person’s afternoon, day, week, month, or lifetime. A kind action reverberates beyond your immediate social circle and can impact the lives of people you may never even meet.
This Monday, see how empathy is a valuable tool for reducing stress and strengthening our personal relationships.


Gratitude means taking what you have and making it enough. By pausing that extra second to appreciate the things we hold most dear — family, friends, our health, that morning cup of coffee, we can improve our own well-being and influence the lives of others.
Power up your Monday with positivity by cultivating gratitude. You’ll experience more well-being, less fatigue, and a brighter outlook.
It’s always better to give rather than receive, especially when it comes to compassion. A small act of kindness, a compliment, a sign of appreciation has the power to immediately transform someone’s outlook.


Change your focus to recall the positive this Monday for unexpected results. Savoring and focusing your thoughts on positive events is a way to shift to the positive and deflect stress.
Focus on the bright side this Monday to ease your stress and develop your inner calm. If stress has been causing you to have negative thoughts, try this mindfulness tip to redirect your focus and think positively.
DeStress Improve Mood Feature
Sometimes moods are hard to shake. They can linger like fog and make it hard to see your way. Use this Monday to pivot towards the positive. Here are four unique ways to let the sun shine through.