Show Your Community Some Extra Kindness

Support your local community by giving a little extra

Our daily gripes, issues, and inconveniences tend to consume a majority of our headspace. It’s easy to get lost in individuality, and sometimes we all could use a reminder that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Although we go through our day-to-day existence interacting with dozens of different people from all walks of life, we rarely stop to appreciate how our community contributes to our wellbeing and sense of purpose and belonging. We might not relate to everyone, but acknowledging the people that enable us to live happily and comfortably is a worthwhile task that will not only allow you to appreciate what you have, but will also enable you to empathize with the people that make it all possible.

This Monday, look to spread kindness throughout the community. Think about your daily routine, and imagine how you can boost the spirits of the people you see along the way. One action can really make a difference and may even lead to a chain-reaction of positivity. And that’s how communities become stronger, when we look out for one another and recognize that we are all in this craziness together.

But where to start?

There are many different ways to help and give back to your community, even during the pandemic. First and foremost, follow all of your state’s guidance regarding safety precautions and social distancing. Helping a local food pantry and organizing food drives is another excellent way to assist people who are experiencing hard times. You can also reach out to neighbors who you think may need a hand doing simple errands or chores. Giving an extra generous tip to your local coffee shop, restaurant, or takeout place is also an easy way to positively impact someone’s day. And, if capable, consider donating blood through an organization like the Red Cross or your local blood donation center; they really need it.

Help ups make positivity a trending topic and to share your acts of kindness on social media using the hashtag #GoodNewsMonday. Hopefully your good deed can inspire people to do the same.