Spread Positivity Beyond Your Immediate Social Circle

This Monday, share your warm wishes far and wide. Extending positive thoughts to people beyond your family and friends also has a positive effect on you.

It’s always better to give rather than receive, especially when it comes to compassion. A small act of kindness, a compliment, or a sign of appreciation has the power to immediately transform someone’s outlook. Good feelings are contagious, and positivity tends to move quickly from person to person.

We encounter so many people throughout the day—the barista at the local coffee shop, the crossing guard on the corner, the cashier, customers, coworkers, our barber—that there are ample opportunities to spread comfort, kindness, and compassion.

One popular way to do this from the comfort of your home is loving-kindness meditation, which asks the practitioner to send warm wishes first to loved ones, then to neutral acquaintances, and finally to all living beings. Try to apply this practice to people in and out of your life this Monday, and personalize it by extending specific warm wishes—such as “gratitude,” “support,” and “joy”—as they come to you.

Next time you see those people, turn your positive wishes into actions by offering them some warm words or simply a smile. Complimenting someone’s outfit or style is another great place to start. By extending positive energy outward, you too will feel recharged.