Weekly Practices

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This Monday, take a minute to destress with a one-minute meditation. Use our free, downloadable audio meditation aids to help calm your mind and clear your head.
Nearly every culture around the world has developed their own unique forms of stress management, but with so many different methods and approaches available, how do you know which one is right for you?
This Monday, start the week by writing your own gratitude list that focuses on the people who make your life special. And although writing a gratitude list only takes a few minutes, it will trigger feelings of love and thankfulness which will resonate with you throughout ...
To prepare you for a healthy and happy new year, we're sharing our most popular DeStress Monday articles from 2020, from yoga infographics to breathing GIFs.
If you’re feeling a little low energy or having trouble focusing, try this easy one-minute controlled breathing exercise you can do anywhere and anytime.
The holidays, although joyous and festive, can also be difficult and lonely. And this year is no exception. Many of us will not be able to spend this season with our loved ones, but that doesn’t mean we can’t spread love and kindness to our family, friends, and anyone els...
Sleep Ritual Feature
Lack of sleep can lead to burnout and can trigger or exacerbate a number of physical and mental health issues. Use a nighttime sleep ritual to wake up energized and refreshed.
Radiate kindness on Monday. When you practice kindness towards others it helps them, and surprisingly, it will help you too.
Sure, hand washing is basic hygiene but it’s also an opportunity to quiet your thoughts.
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