Weekly Practices

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Sometimes moods are hard to shake. They can linger like fog and make it hard to see your way. Use this Monday to pivot towards the positive. Here are four unique ways to let the sun shine through.
Start your day with the sun salutation yoga routine to welcome the new week and refresh your mind and body!
The key to achieving balance in your life is acknowledging that things can and will change.
Rejuvenate this Monday with fresh techniques and strategies to get better, deeper sleep.
Here’s a simple technique to help you unravel the stress that often builds up in your body. From tight shoulders to tense toes, a body scan mindfulness practice might be just the thing.
Scientists have found that laughter can put us in a more positive frame of mind and help reinforce social connections that can lead to greater social satisfaction and happiness. This week make laughter a part of your Monday Refresh!
Let’s face it, managing difficult emotions – such as annoyance and anger– requires extra effort. Use Mondays to master techniques to relieve the stress caused by extreme emotions and to restore your calm.
The more you identify yourself and act as a confident person, the stronger and more capable you’ll feel. This Monday, refresh your mind and body by filling yourself with confidence.
Mindfulness practices are great tools for stress management, but when and where are you supposed to do them? Try fitting mindfulness into your schedule with these simple suggestions.
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