Yoga for both body and mind

Monday is an opportunity to start fresh and introduce new healthy behaviors in your life. Use this Monday to explore the ancient world of yoga and discover why it continues to be a celebrated and popular exercise, meditation, and art.

Over 37 million people practice yoga in the U.S. This Monday, see for yourself why yoga can be the perfect exercise for both body and mind. Among its many benefits, it can be ideal for reducing stress and anxiety while improving strength and flexibility.

Given its popularity, it might surprise you that the art of yoga originated in ancient India over 5,000 years ago. Since yoga is used to harmonize the body and mind, it is an ideal exercise for busy 21st century life. Modern yoga is associated with fostering mindfulness, healing, and compassion.

Anyone can do yoga! It’s for all ages and fitness levels. It is extremely versatile and can be done at any time of day, indoors or outdoors, on a yoga mat, or in a chair, or even in bed before you rise. As yoga eases stress and muscle tension, it’s a particularly gentle way to start or end the day.

The Benefits of Yoga

Still the Mind. Yoga has been proven to beat stress and reduce anxiety by lowering the heart rate and blood pressure and slowing respiration down. It can also prepare you for stressful situations by reducing your susceptibility to stress.

The deep breathing aspect of yoga, not found in other physical exercises, can increase your powers of mental focus, mindfulness, and relaxation. It also gives you access to an overall sense of well-being. This naturally builds your defenses to fight depression and enhances your ability to boost positivity.

Strengthen the Body. Don’t think that because yoga can be blissful you won’t break out in a sweat! Though it’s not considered aerobic exercise, it can still be potent. Through a series of rigorous and elegant poses, it makes you strong. The practice of yoga is comprised of holding poses, balancing, stretching, and strengthening muscles.

Yoga bodies are relaxed and powerful because the practice can naturally:

  • Strengthen your core
  • Tone and sculpt muscles
  • Build stamina
  • Improve flexibility
  • Increase your range of motion
  • Burn calories

Ready to experience some yoga? Get started with Sun Salutation, a series of gentle yet exhilarating poses designed to simultaneously awaken and quiet the mind. To keep receiving the benefits, go down the list and try each pose or sequence!

This Monday, join the millions of people who have benefited from the practices of yoga, from ancient times to modern days. This might be the ideal time to reach for the sky or be more flexible like a child. To reap the benefits of this practice, manage your stress, and grow more vibrant, start yoga this Monday and continue throughout the week and into the coming months and years ahead.