New Research Shows Changes in Americans’ Health Behaviors During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted daily life, keeping us inside and away from friends, families, and loved ones. But the wave of lockdowns and closures has also impacted our personal health and mental wellbeing.

The Monday Campaigns conducted a short survey with Researchscape International to better understand how people’s health behaviors and goals were affected by the pandemic and the stay-at-home protocols. This original research was cited in a news story, that described how the pandemic has altered people’s commitment to healthy behaviors—particularly related to food and eating habits. Respondents to The Monday Campaigns’ survey agreed that, because of the pandemic, they were more likely to eat familiar “junk foods” as a source of comfort and relief.

And while occasionally craving sweet or salty comfort foods isn’t always a bad thing; over time, it can result in some unwanted health outcomes. The Monday Campaigns integrates a weekly Monday cue into concepts, programs and creative materials, which research shows can support more consistent health behavior, such as going meatless on Monday or being physically active on Monday, to help stay on track with health goals. Want to take back control of your health? Check out The Monday Campaigns’ portfolio of health initiatives and free resources for ways to incorporate more healthy habits into your weekly routine.