Meatless Monday Shares Recipes for Healthy Meals on Date Nights at Home

More couples are bringing date-night indoors, and that’s a good thing. Indoor dates are often less expensive, healthier, and more convenient—especially when the activity for the night is cooking a plant-based meal. Cooking as a couple is nothing new, but, as an increasing number of people are focusing on reducing their meat consumption, more meals will focus on plant-based proteins and ingredients.

Yes, meatless cooking can be sexy, which is why, a website dedicated to covering trends within the dating industry, highlighted Meatless Monday as a way for couples to connect in this new socially-distanced environment.

And it doesn’t matter whether you’re a devoted vegan or just someone looking to try something new. Couples who embrace Meatless Monday can try a variety of new dishes or make plant-based substitutions of their favorite carnivore dishes. Enjoy Chinese takeout? Whip up some kung pao tempeh stir fry. In the mood for more comfort food? Try cooking this vegetable pot pie with biscuit topping.

With plant-based cooking, your options are truly limitless. For more meatless recipes, explore the Meatless Monday recipe archive and start planning your meal.