Middle Schoolers Are Making a Difference with Meatless Monday

You don’t have to be a celebrity, executive, or high-powered politician to make change in your community—you don’t even have to be in high school.

Anika Arora and Divya Arora, two middle school students from Parsippany, New Jersey, have been promoting Meatless Monday in their community since late 2020. Motivated by the drastic and frequent climate events taking place around the globe, the Arora sisters wanted to do their part to combat the climate crisis.

But how do you even begin to approach such a big challenge?

Well, you start local.

With the help of Meatless Monday educational materials, the two students began to raise awareness about the connection between meat production and climate change. What started in their local school cafeteria has now blossomed into something much bigger. The sisters’ energy and passion has helped them garner support from their school principal, the town’s environmental advisory committee, and the superintendent of schools. They are also working to get Meatless Monday offered in cafeterias throughout their school district.

And that’s just the beginning! Anika and Divya Arora are working to increase participation in Meatless Monday across their community. They recently gave a presentation at their local library (video here), and tabled at their town’s Green Fair, distributing information about Meatless Monday. They even had a visit from Parsippany Mayor Michael Soriano.

We are proud to have these tremendous young ambassadors promoting the Meatless Monday message, and we’re excited to see what they do next.

Learn more about how to bring Meatless Monday to your community here.