Meatless Monday Foodservice Program Guide

Want to participate in Meatless Monday? You don’t have to take meat off the menu, just highlight and promote new or existing vegetarian options each Monday!

Whether you provide food services to K-12 schools, college campuses or other large institutions, Meatless Monday can help you promote delicious vegetarian options. It’s easy to participate; just encourage your diners to give up meat one day a week. We provide the following toolkits for free, and also have a variety of promotional assets available for download. Need additional materials or assistance? Contact us at to learn more.

Around the country and across the globe, influential institutions including the Los Angeles Unified School District, Johns Hopkins University and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center promote healthy habits with Meatless Monday. Join the movement today!

Each Monday we pack our menu with healthy vegetarian options as part of the Meatless Mondays initiative. That’s because research shows that eating plant-based foods at least once a week may help improve health by cutting saturated fat intake by 15 percent.

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center