Plant-based Thanksgiving Recipes to Share With Family and Friends

Thanksgiving will feel a little different this year; but just because many of us will be spending the holiday physically distanced from our friends and family, doesn’t mean we can’t still share a festive meal together.

There are non-traditional ways to stay connected and feast with loved ones this Thanksgiving, and many of them don’t require sitting in hours of holiday traffic or awkward dinner table conversations. By sharing recipes, shipping boxes of ingredients, or participating in a virtual meal, you can still celebrate this season of giving.

But what will YOU be making this year for the Thanksgiving table? You don’t have to worry, because Meatless Monday has your back. We’ve compiled a collection of simple plant-based and vegan recipes perfect for any celebratory meal. So spice up your holiday from any distance with our plant-based versions of classic Thanksgiving fixins’.

cranberry brussels sproutsCranberry Balsamic Brussels Sprouts

A Thanksgiving side that will make the whole family swoon, these cranberry balsamic Brussels sprouts are toasty, tart, and fragrant. Crunchy pecans, roasted Brussels sprouts, and a tangy orange-cranberry topping makes every bite interesting.

Vegan Gravy

It’s hard to imagine a table without a gravy boat. Thankfully, this recipe for vegan gravy from Loving it Vegan allows you to capture the silky texture, and salty, umami taste of gravy by using a combination of coconut milk, dark soy sauce, and vegetable broth. No animal products required.

Vegan Roast Turkey

Can you make a vegan roast turkey? Yep. This inventive recipe from Zacchary Bird recreates all the elements of a turkey—the skin, the meat, and the stuffing. The recipe pushes the boundaries of meat alternatives and is sure to inspire you to get adventurous in the kitchen.

Roasted-Garlic Smashed Potatoes

The secret to these incredibly light and fluffy dairy-free mashed potatoes from Minimalist Baker isn’t much of a secret. After boiling and mashing your potatoes (you can use a potato masher or hand mixer; if you use the latter, be careful not to overmix), fold in non-dairy butter and a whole head of roasted garlic to pump up the decadence.

Super Savory Vegan Stuffing

A Thanksgiving spread is judged not on its turkey, but rather the quality of its stuffing. We scoured the internet to find the most satisfying stuffing recipe available, and here it is: Super Savory Vegan Stuffing from The Cheeky Chickpea. Chopped mushrooms, wild rice, bell peppers, vegetable bouillon, plant-based sausage, cubed up bread, and Thanksgiving seasonings — fennel, garlic, parsley, fresh rosemary — make this stuffing simply irresistible.

Cinnamon Sugar Sweet Potato Casserole

Oh, sweet potato casserole; you sit innocently on the Thanksgiving table masquerading as a member of the main meal, but we all know you’re our pre-dessert dessert…with your delightful topping of crushed pecans, coconut sugar, oats, and marshmallows. But the sweet and creamy nature of this indulgent side dish is a necessary counterbalance to all the punchy herbs and spices. This recipe adds another dimension to the traditional sweet potato casserole by using non-dairy milk, ground flax seeds, and melted coconut oil. Cinnamon Sugar Sweet Potato Casserole from Eat with Clarity.

Roasted Root Vegetables With White Balsamic Glaze

No bacon necessary for these magical root vegetables. The recipe suggests fennel, carrots, and Cipollini onions, but you can add any of your favorite seasonal vegetables. Roasted Root Vegetables with a White Balsamic Glaze from Healthy World Cuisine.

Curried Green Bean Casserole

A spin on the classic, this curried green bean casserole adds a new dimension to the Thanksgiving table. Traditional green bean casseroles typically rely on a can of condensed cream of mushroom soup and a topping of breadcrumbs and fried onion straws. This recipe is just as easy to make, but offers your taste buds so much more! Curried Green Bean Casserole from Omnivore’s Cookbook.

meatless meatloafNo-Meat Loaf

Turkey doesn’t always have to be the star of the Thanksgiving spread. Meatloaf traditionally plays a supporting role, but this holiday season let it take center stage with this smoky, savory plant-based chickpea loaf. After it’s covered with a tangy ketchup glaze and baked in the oven, its look and texture become indistinguishable from its meaty counterpart. No-Meat Loaf from Nora Cooks.

Cranberry Jam

There’s something extraterrestrial-looking about the maroon cylinder of congealed cranberry “sauce” that you always find sitting menacingly next to the gravy boat. It’s Thanksgiving, you deserve better. Treat your family (and yourself) with this simple-to-make four-ingredient cranberry jam. All you need is fresh cranberries, sugar, water, orange zest, and about twenty minutes. Your dinner rolls, stuffing, and other Thanksgiving starches will thank you. Cranberry Jam from Delish.

Chipotle Whole-Roasted Cauliflower With Caper Vinaigrette

Need an alternative centerpiece for your Thanksgiving meal? Look no further than this elegant whole roasted cauliflower with a smoky chipotle finish. Top your cauliflower “steaks” with a tart and briny caper vinaigrette for a perfect alternative to the big bird. Chipotle Whole-Roasted Cauliflower with Caper Vinaigrette from Goya.

Chocolate Fudge Brownie Pie

Some people eat to live, others eat to get to dessert. Your patience has paid off. This plant-based chocolate fudge brownie pie looks sinful, but it really isn’t. The crust uses a combination of almond flour, rolled oats, date sugar, and flax eggs, while the filling is as healthy as hummus, using chickpeas, nondairy milk, date paste, cocoa powder, rolled oats, and vegan chocolate chips. Chocolate Fudge Brownie Pie from Sweet Vegan Sara.

Creamy Coconut Pumpkin Pie

What makes this pumpkin pie filling so much more luxurious than the rest? A rhinestone-studded crust? Nope, this pie gets its extra decadent flare from a can of full-fat coconut milk. Fold in some brown sugar, maple syrup, pumpkin pie spice, and a little bit of cornstarch, and you’ve got yourself the ultimate Thanksgiving dessert. Creamy Coconut Pumpkin Pie from Loving It Vegan.

Wishing you and yours a happy and safe plant-based Thanksgiving. If you’re looking for more meatless recipe inspiration for the holidays, check out our recipe gallery.