4 Reasons to Bundle Up on Monday and Keep Moving!

Grab a hat, a scarf, and add some layers to keep moving this Monday!  Don’t let the cooler weather stop you from exercising outside. Fresh air and a dose of nature will rejuvenate any workout.  Here are four reasons and tips to have the ideal outside experience.

  1. Be Safe. Be seen for safety by wearing reflective clothing. Over the years, athletic wear has made huge waves in functionality and fashionability. When it gets dark early, choose reflective clothing for the shorter days of the season.
  2. Be a Pro. Wear layers like professional athletes do to manage cold weather. Weather conditions shouldn’t be a deterrent in your workout routine. As you start to move, remove layers until you find the right temperature as your body heats up from exertion.
  3. Take Your Vitamins. Step out and get vitamin D. When the winter arrives, we end up spending more time indoors and miss the sun. When you take your workout outside, the sun does its job by improving your mood and by upping your vitamin D uptake.
  4. Get Out of a Rut. Shake up your gym visits by stepping out instead. To maintain a fitness routine, sometimes it’s necessary to make it more interesting and inspiring. Being outside means you’ll get fresh air, feel more alert, and be invigorated. It could be a great alternative to the gym.

Go outside to walk, run, rake leaves, sled, or ice skate! Whatever gets you moving that you enjoy doing outside, use Monday to get started. It’s a whole other world out there!

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