Stretch Into Bed Yoga

A Serene, Empowering Way to Start Every Day

Do you regularly groan when the alarm clock goes off in the morning? Does the thought of getting up early to exercise just feel too daunting? What if you could stay in bed and wake up slowly with a precise routine of stretches that works both your body and mind? That’s bed yoga!

Yoga is an age-old science of stretching the muscles and opening the joints for better circulation and range of motion. It’s a form of exercise proven to relieve stress and anxiety, most likely because in yoga you are asked to synchronize each movement with awareness of your breath. This combination, when done correctly, can produce a more flexible, energetic body and inspire a serene state of mind. What could be a better way to start the day off right?

Bed yoga, the special form of yoga you do in bed, is extremely easy for most people. The comfortable surface of your mattress is very accommodating, especially if you have a disability or injury. The routine is also great if you’re too busy for a major workout and just want to add an easy 5-10 minutes of exercise into your day.

To follow our Monday Morning Bed Yoga routine, produced in collaboration with NYU Langone’s Department of Integrative Health Programs, watch this video as your training session. Soon enough, you’ll get the hang of the various stretches. When you feel ready to do it on your own, pre-program your alarm to gently wake you up with relaxing music so you can move effortlessly into the routine. Keep it up and soon you may even be inspired to advance to a full-on yoga class in a studio!