Better Your Body Control With Balance Exercises

Move It Balance Edit

Exercise is more than just aerobics and strength training. Balance is a lesser acknowledged component of physical fitness, but it is an essential element that can dramatically reduce your risk of injury. Good balance makes everyday activities easier, but it also benefits body awareness, coordination, joint stability, reaction time, and general long-term health.

Balance exercises are all about technique, not speed or repetitions, and many times, the preparation is just as important as the exercise itself. When performing any sort of balance movement or workout, you should warm up by preparing your body: always try to keep your head neutral and aligned, shoulders relaxed, back straight, and hips tucked.

Balance training doesn’t require a gym, equipment, or a class full of people; you can do many of the exercises from the comfort of your living room, bedroom, or alone in the park. And while performing yoga or tai chi is an excellent way to improve body control and physical fitness, we’ve provided some movements below that are specifically designed to better your balance. Try them out this Monday and start feeling more stable.

No-hands chair. Try getting out of a chair and sitting down without the use of your hands. You may find it harder than you think. Without your hands you have to work your core (abs and stomach muscles) as well as your thighs. This is a great exercise you can do anywhere.

 Shoe tie. Tie your right shoe by standing on your left leg and raising your right knee. Switch feet, then do 2 to 3 times on each side. Another variation is to stand on one leg for a few seconds, with arms stretched out. Gradually Increase the seconds every day.

Baby Tree. Stand on one leg and bring the sole of your other foot onto your shin (never on your knee!). Start at your ankle if your balance is still developing. Bring your hands together at your chest. Hold for 10 seconds and rest, then build up time gradually. This exercise is based on the more difficult yoga pose known as the “Tree” pose, which brings the sole of the foot to the opposite thigh. Keep that as your aspiration!