Fitness Challenges – Jabs

Jabs give your whole body a work out since you need perfect form to land the best punch. Challenge a few friends to join you in the ring this week and learn how to jab with the best of them.

Here’s how to throw the perfect jab:

  1. Stand with your hands up, elbows in, feet hip-width apart. Slightly bend your knees and lift your back heel. The foot on your strong arm’s side should be farther out, and your back foot should be positioned at about 45-degrees diagonal.
  2. Extend your front fist in a punching motion forward while exhaling sharply in the process. The punch should be quick but relaxed.
  3. Rotate your arm mid-way through throwing your punch, including your shoulder and elbow. Start with the shoulder, which will allow the rest of your arm to rotate accurately. Your elbow should face up so that the hit gets the right angle.

4. Bring back your arm to its original position. Make sure to keep your other arm guarding your chin during the whole process.

Maintaining proper form in key. Focus on your form first, then on the strength of your punches.

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