Fitness Challenges – Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers will make sure your abdomen, hamstrings, quads, glutes, shoulders and triceps get an intense burn.

Here’s how mountain climbers work:

  1. Put yourself in a plank position with your body straight, glutes squeezed, and your abs pulled in. Your shoulders should line up with your hands, and weight should be put on your feet for complete balance.
  2. Bring one of your knees forward under your chest, and keep your foot just above the ground. Keep your body in the plank by squeezing your abs tighter, and then return to the basic plank position.
  3. Switch to the other leg and pull that knee in. Straighten the leg you started with.

Start slowly then speed up once you get used to the form. You’ll get a better workout and see quicker results.

If you’re new to mountain climbers, challenge yourself for one minute. Then try adding an extra 30 seconds or a full minute. Mountain climbers will help you improve your heart rate, coordination, mobility and agility.

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