Got Twelve Minutes? Jog a Monday Mile!

Don’t know where to start your fitness routine this Monday? One of the simplest exercises you can do is step outside for a jog. Studies show jogging is good for you and can reduce the risk of many chronic diseases. All you need is a pair of sneakers to get started!

Depending on what you’re physically able to do, moderate to vigorous exercise at least 150 minutes a week vastly improves your overall cardiovascular health. Walking briskly is moderate, jogging is vigorous. Vigorous exercise results in elevated heart rates, increased breathing and sweating rates, and muscle fatigue.

Studies in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology note, “Running, even 5 to 10 minutes a day and at slow speeds, is associated with substantial benefits.”

Need more reasons to jog? It blasts calories, it strengthens not just your legs but also your core, and you don’t need to join a gym to reap the benefits.

On your mark, get set, go! Jog a #MondayMile.

Now that you have enough reasons, it’s time to get going. Jogging a mile will take an average of 12 minutes, but don’t be concerned with the time. You got this. Go to a park and do laps or mark out your neighborhood route on a map. It’s easy and fun. When you stop jogging, set aside a good five minutes to cool down! Try doing some light stretching exercises or walking to slow your heart rate. This will help you stay flexible and prevent any soreness the next day.

Mondays are about starting the week off right. Science and knowledge tell us when you get moving, you get more from life. Tell us about your #MondayMile jog – we’d love to hear about it. Tag us @MoveItMonday and use #MondayMile when sharing on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram!