How to Stay Safe and Active This Fall Season

Fall is here, and that means hot apple cider, horror movies, and a lot more flannel; but the changing of the season also means new opportunities for outdoor activities. While the summer heat can be oppressive, the cool, tepid temperatures of autumn make it a pleasure to spend time in nature.

But you’ve got to be prepared, because with fall comes shorter days, colder nights, rambunctious children, and lots and lots of leaves. That’s why we’ve made a list of things you can do this Monday to prepare for a fun fall season.


Dress for Success

From September to October, temperatures can drop pretty quickly, so remember to dress appropriately when exercising outside. We recommend layering up and experimenting with different types of breathable athleisurewear. A new pair of running shoes can also help cushion your steps and provide you with better traction on the trails.


Stay Safe by Being Visible

As the days get shorter, you’ll be spending more time outside during periods of limited visibility. If biking or running on the road, make sure to wear some reflective clothing or attach a blinking tail light to your bike or fanny pack. If walking, consider bringing a flash light.


Find New Hiking Trails

The fall foliage is one of Mother Nature’s most generous gifts. Use the Internet to discover new places to walk and hike. You’ll be surprised at all the potential beauty hidden just miles away. Hiking is a terrific exercise for people of a variety of fitness levels. A hike up even a relatively flat incline can get your heart rate up, while working your hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes, and calves.


Make the Most of Pumpkin Picking

This may not be a sweat-inducing workout, but a stroll through the orchards picking apples or pumpkins with the family is a great way to get yourself outdoors and in the fall mood. You can even set a distance goal and track your steps as you go.


Get the Bike Ready

Cycling offers great physical benefits, but before riding, you need to follow the ABC safety checklist — air, brakes, chain. Properly inflated tires prevent flats, so check the sidewall of your tire for the recommended pressure level and fill tires accordingly. To check your brakes, simply give the front and rear brake levers a squeeze to make sure they engage properly. And to check your chain, look to see that the chain and all the gears are well lubricated.


Don’t Be Afraid of Seasonal Chores

Raking leaves is a sacred fall ritual, but it can also be a way to sneak in a little extra physical activity. The chore can help build core and upper body strength, and it can even burn some calories (about 240 per hour of raking).