Make it a Monday Mile with Someone Special

This Monday, invite a thought leader, an expert, a specialist, or a rock star to walk and talk with your Monday Mile group. You’ll be able to learn new things and ask questions while you’re on the move.

Have you ever been curious about the mission at your company or its founder’s story? Have you ever wanted to learn about the plants and animals in your neighborhood? Or, maybe you’ve got questions for an art curator? Make Monday Mile an opportunity to invite a specialist with the answers to talk with your group for a mile-long walk.

Research your subject, zero in on a specialist in the field, and invite them to a Monday Mile. It could be a business executive or a professor, a bird watcher or a financial advisor. And we all know, if we have questions, others do too. So, you’ll be helping the other members in your group. It’s a win-win situation!

This Monday, exercise your body as well as your mind. Expand your knowledge, invite a specialist, then walk and talk your way to a perfect Monday Mile. We’d love to know how it went! Tag your posts with #MondayMile and let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!