This Monday, Incorporate 4 Exercise Categories to Build Your Fitness Foundation

Four categories of exercise target specific skills and muscle groups.  Pick one this Monday to integrate into your weekly fitness routine and achieve optimal health.

Sometimes a fitness routine misses a beat. Understanding the basic doctor recommended requirements for getting some exercise means keeping in step.

The four categories mix up your routine and keep you engaged so you don’t get bored and lose interest.

Aerobic Exercise

Get moving. Aerobic exercise is high or low-intensity cardio-fitness. It increases heart levels and respiration. Cardio-fitness is good for your heart and lungs but also your overall body. Some ideas include doing a #MondayMile, a brisk walk or jog, swimming, or dancing.

Strength Training

Get strong. Strength training is high or low-intensity weight training. Building muscle is good for your bones and reduces the potential for future injury. Some ideas include taking a weight training class, or lifting weights on your own or with a buddy.


Get flexible. Stretching flexes muscles and improves elasticity. Stretching allows you to move more freely and can reduce pain. Some ideas include yoga or Pilates.

Balance Exercises

Get Stable. Practicing balance improves your stability and helps with strength, flexibility, and endurance. As we age, balance deteriorates. Practicing your balance act can help reduce falls later on. Here’s a short video for a simple balance exercise. Some other ideas include doing some tai chi, yoga, or Pilates.

It doesn’t need to be four separate workouts. You don’t have to do them all in one workout session, either. It’s whatever works with your schedule!

Now, when your physician prescribes some exercise, you’ll have the whole picture. Starting Monday, integrate one of the four exercises into your weekly fitness plan. Thrive smart this Monday.