Organize a Monday Mile

The Monday Mile is a weekly group walk or jog for 20 minutes or less that helps everyone start the week off by moving together! Developed by Move It Monday, it’s a fun activity that helps promote physical activity, engagement, and team-building among any audience – staff, students, communities, you name it!

Why Should I Organize a Monday Mile?

  1. Gets every week off to a fresh start.
  2. Capitalizes on when people are most engaged.
  3. Offers the healthy benefits of physical activity.
  4. Requires minimal time commitment.
  5. Shows your commitment to health and wellness.

Get Started by Downloading Our Monday Mile Resources

Monday Mile Program Guide

This guide introduces the Monday Mile, provides guidance on how to start a program, and explains how to measure its success.

Walk Your Way to Better Health

Download our 10-week walking package and start taking the steps toward a healthier you.

Monday Mile Leadership Handout

This handout will help you organize and lead a weekly Monday Mile walk or jog.

Want Help Starting a Monday Mile Program? Get in Touch!