Monday Mile: How to Organize a Walking Program

monday mile group

Organize a Monday Mile Walking Program

Re-discover your commitment to exercise by organizing a Monday Mile walking program. Create a one-mile group walk, jog, or run with family, friends, or colleagues to make your Mondays memorable!

Walking in groups is highly beneficial for you and your entire community. The many benefits of a walking program include being outside, connecting to old and new faces, socializing, improved general fitness, weight loss, and a consistent exercise schedule. Walking in groups also has mental benefits. In a UK study, participants were found to enjoy themselves and experience improved moods.

How do you get started?  Let us help! Here’s a list of everything you’ll need to get going and start a #MondayMile walking program.

  • Map your Monday Mile: Pick a starting point for your group to meet. Easily create a mile-long walking route using MapMyWalkGmap-Pedometer, or Google Maps.
  • Announce your Monday Mile: If your school or workplace allows it, send an announcement via interoffice or school-wide email. Also consider creating a Facebook group and encourage participants to join.
  • Mark your route: Consider marking your route with Monday Mile Markers: Place markers at the ¼, ½, ¾ and 1 mile points.
  • Meet and Mile: Show up on time, greet participants, and enjoy your Monday Mile!
  • Log those Monday Miles: Keep track of Monday Miles and exercise completed during the rest of the week. Even if you fall short of the 150-minute weekly activity goal, the next Monday is another chance to start again.
  • Thank everyone for participating: Send an email thanking everyone for taking part and encouraging others to attend next Monday. Post a thank-you on Facebook and tell members to share posts about the walk.
  • Encourage healthy competition: Organize teams of walkers or encourage individual group members to compete against each other to see who can walk the most each week. It’s easy to keep track of walking data using smartphone apps.

Click here to see a Monday Mile starter kit packed with digital and printable resources, photos, tips, and compelling research to share with your friends, family, school, or office.

Beat the routine of exercise by connecting with your community, having fun, and making the decision to be healthy, together. Monday is about renewing your connection to better choices. Start a Monday Mile and watch the benefits multiply. It should only take 20 minutes!

Tell us about it! Take a photo of your Monday Mile activities, post it to social, use #MondayMile and tag us @MoveItMonday