Move It Monday Collaborates with the University of Florida to Get a Community Walking

Staying active helps ward off a number of health issues, from heart disease and diabetes to obesity and bone fractures, but encouraging people to get the recommended 150 minutes of weekly physical activity isn’t always easy.

Sometimes you have to get creative.

And that’s exactly what the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Extension did when they partnered with Move It Monday to launch the “Walk Across Wakulla” program.

The initiative encourages local residents to walk a total of 32 miles over a two-month period, representing the distance from the Franklin county line to the Jefferson county line on Highway 98. Walk Across Wakulla kicked off on January 11, 2021, and will conclude on March 11, the 178th anniversary of Wakulla County’s 1843 founding. The event has caught the attention of local news affiliates, and serves as a great example of how committing to a small, attainable weekly goal can lead to big progress.

Move It Monday is providing weekly walking tips, motivators, and safety reminders to keep local residents committed to completing the 8-week challenge. And although Walk Across Wakulla is a terrific idea to get people moving, it is only one of the many ways to promote physical fitness within a community using a Monday cue from Move It Monday.

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