These 5 Safety Tips for Outdoor Exercising May Save Your Life

exercise safety

It’s dark and you’re jogging along the side of the road. All you can think about is summiting that final hill.

And then it happens.

A car speeds by just as you’re reaching the crest. The driver doesn’t see you; you don’t hear the roar of the motor. Fortunately, the car narrowly whizzes past you.

As the clocks turn back and the days get shorter, exercising outdoors becomes more dangerous. To avoid any new potential hazards, we’ve compiled a list of safety tips for working out at dusk, dawn, and every time in between.

Try them out during your next Move it Monday workout routine.

Turn Down Headphones

Sure, music is an excellent motivator and may even increase your stamina, but it’s best to not keep it blaring when you’re running around well-traveled roads. Turn down the headphones or incorporate some less frequented roads into your route.

Wear Bright Colors and Reflective Clothes

Whether your jogging, biking, or walking, wearing bright colors and reflective clothing is the best way to get noticed by oncoming traffic. Especially during periods of limited visibility, like early morning or just before nightfall, a neon-yellow vest or shirt with built-in reflective strips can make you more visible.

Face the Traffic

The rule is pretty simple: If you’re running or walking, go against the traffic (aka towards oncoming traffic); if you’re on a bicycle, go with the flow of traffic.

Use Sidewalks and Public Tracks

Everyone has their own unique workout routine, but changing it up to ensure your safety is a sacrifice you need to be willing to make. Instead of using busy streets, try to use sidewalks, public parks, or tracks.

Add Some “Glow” to Your Equipment       

For bike riders, improving the visibility of equipment can help avoid going unseen by car traffic. There are many companies that sell glow-in-the-dark LED light strips. If these are unavailable, a simple flashing red light on your handle bars will also do the trick.