Use Move it Monday Keep Your Fitness Resolutions over the Long Term

A great deal of effort is spent making a New Year’s resolution, but rarely do we approach the act of keeping it with the same vigor and enthusiasm.

It’s easy to get caught up in the idea of a resolution before developing the proper plan to execute it. Long-term goals, especially those related to physical health and wellbeing, require preparation, and although a formal commitment to change is a great place to start, a detailed roadmap is necessary to help you reach your final destination.

When it comes to fitness, everyone begins at a different starting point, but regardless of your current level of activity, you can use Monday as an opportunity to prepare for the upcoming year and keep yourself on track.

Choose a Specific Goal

You’ll be much more likely to accomplish your goal if it is concrete. Get creative and make it attainable. Maybe the goal is walking one mile every Monday for the month of January or taking the stairs up to the second floor. You can always extend your goal for another month, but each “win” will only motivate you more.

Start Small

Know that the first few weeks of exercise is going to be tough, but you don’t have to exert yourself to exhaustion. Don’t dive right into the boot camp or extreme Zumba class; plan to start small and work yourself up. You’ll be amazed at how much progress you can make if you’re committed.

Create a Network

If you plan your resolution in conjunction with some friends or colleagues, you are more likely to stick with them. A network of support can catch you when you fall and get you back on the right foot.

Make it a Party

Hey, you don’t need a book club and a bottle of Chardonnay for a good time. Plan some of our social events around the idea of exercising or working towards your goal. It can be just as fun (and maybe there will be time for a glass of wine after).

Recommit on Monday

Planning a day to recommit to your resolution is just as important as starting one. Use Move it Mondays as the day to get back on the grind. That way, you’ll never fall too far behind.