Walk Around the Clock – Lunchtime

Why lunchtime is a good time.

Studies have shown that a lunch hour stroll can leave one feeling more positive and enthusiastic. And we know that workers who are more positive and enthusiastic are more productive. If we use the algebra logic we all learned in school: if A=B and B=C, then A=C, then we can deduct that a walk at lunch can increase your productivity.

Most people suffer a drop in energy and work output in the afternoon hours. A perfect remedy is a mid-day walk.

Here are a few tips for a lunchtime walk:

  • Walk to a nearby park. While you’re there, go for a walk in the park. Then of course, walk back.
  • You could walk in whatever footwear you happen to wear to work or school, but a better idea is to change into walking or running shoes.
  • You will be more consistent in walking if you have a lunchtime walking buddy. You won’t find as many excuses to skip your walk if your friend is ready to go.


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