New National Survey Shows That Americans Predict Better Health in 2022

Americans are looking forward to better health in 2022, according to a new nationally representative survey conducted by Data Decisions Group (DDG) and The Monday Campaigns. The survey included questions related to health expectations for the new year, as well as the top healthy habits that respondents developed over the pandemic that they hope to continue through 2022. Despite the health challenges they faced, many expressed confidence in improving their health during the coming year.

9 out of 10 people maintained healthier habits during COVID.

The survey showed that upon reflecting on the pandemic and their health over the past year, 62% of Americans said they are expecting to enjoy better health in 2022, with 89% planning to continue new habits developed during the pandemic. Respondents emphasized a commitment to family and holistic wellness, with the top three healthy habits they resolve to practice being: spending more time with family, maintaining an exercise routine (cycling, running, swimming), and continuing with stress management.

Yet while many Americans are optimistic about maintaining their commitments, close to half of survey respondents who made resolutions cited the greatest impediment to achieving their New Year’s health goals is staying on track. And as the world returns to normalcy, sticking with wellness goals might get harder. Establishing old routines can derail improved health regimens.

When asked what respondents will do to maintain their health resolutions, 86% said that refreshing their goal every Monday would help them maintain their healthy resolutions. So, to help Americans stay healthy throughout this coming year, The Monday Campaigns is offering a new, digital Healthy Monday Check Up Tool to encourage people to “check up” every Monday to reinforce those healthy habits. By making Monday the day to recommit to health behaviors like physical activity, smart eating, and stress management, individuals will be able to keep their New Year’s resolutions beyond 2022.

Research shows that many people view Monday as a fresh start, and as the day they are more likely to start healthy activities like diets, exercise, and stress management practices. Using the “Monday effect” can be a powerful leverage point to help people stay on track with their health goals.