Healthy Monday for Cancer Prevention

Starting the week with a renewed commitment to healthy behaviors is an important step to reaching or maintaining personal wellness goals. Whether you’re working towards weight management or stress-relief or disease prevention, a Monday reminder can help you remain focused and on track. A recent survey even showed that people are more likely to start a healthy behavior on Monday than any other day of the week.

The American Institute for Cancer Research has collaborated with The Monday Campaigns to apply Healthy Monday messaging to cancer prevention and survivorship. The Healthy Monday for Cancer Prevention Toolkit includes a series of practices developed for AICR’s Healthy10 Challenge to help people learn about simple ways to reduce their cancer risk through exercise and healthy eating.

Every Monday, program participants will kick off the week with a recommended activity conducive to cancer prevention and healthy living. The activities are accessible to a wide range of ages, backgrounds, and ability levels, and are designed to promote continued progress over the course of the challenge. By recommitting to healthy habits at the start of each week, you’ll always be one-step closer to reaching your wellness goals.

Stay Active with Our Move It Monday Practices

There are a many times throughout the day when you can squeeze in a walk without disrupting your schedule. This Monday, find a few minutes to move your body enough to make a difference. Think of it as “walking around the clock.”
Move It Habit Stacking Featured
Adding a new behavior to your daily schedule by “stacking it” on top of an existing habit can help you incorporate a surprising amount of extra physical activity into your routine without even realizing it!
This Monday, set the intention to “spice up” your daily walk with different strength-building, mindfulness, and breathing techniques that can be adapted to each individual’s comfort and ability level.
Making slight modifications to your daily routine can lead to monumental life transformations. If you want to expand your range of motion and incorporate more physical activity into your day, then you’ve got to go small and walk home.
One thing to do before, during, and after a workout is hydrate. This Monday, keep in mind it’s always a good idea to stay hydrated, even if you don’t break a sweat. The best choice is always water!

Add More Plants to Your Diet with Our Meatless Monday Practices

Get a healthy start to the New Year with our favorite tips and tricks for plant-based eating and cooking.
How do you reach your daily recommended protein intake eating only plant-based foods? Easy, check out our guide below and discover which seeds, nuts, legumes, vegetables, and plant-based products pack the biggest protein punch.
Meatless cooking is always an exciting adventure, so get started this Monday with our best meatless recipes for people who want to eat more plants.
This Monday, expand your pantry and save yourself some time with our list of quick-and-easy meatless semi-homemade meals.
Black Bean Meatless Balls
With a lengthy list of benefits, it’s no surprise that getting enough protein is a dietary priority. Thankfully, there’s an abundance of this crucial macronutrient in a variety of plant-based foods and ingredients.