Quit Buddy: Always By Your Side Helping Battle Your Cravings

It is possible to cut cigarettes out of your life on your own, but it’s easier when you have help. So this month, we’re assembling a support team of heroes who can help you avoid an unhealthy future.

One of these heroes is your quit buddy, who can be a friend, family member, or someone else who is trying to quit. This week, we’ll look at quit buddies and all of the benefits that come with them.

  • You have plenty of options: If you know multiple people trying to quit smoking, then you have more choices for who can help you, and you can even connect them with each other.
  • They may have been battling the enemy longer than you: Your buddies may have been struggling with smoking longer than you, so they may more insight into long-term health effects. Their superpowers can include quitting techniques you’ve never heard of, as well as healthy tobacco replacements you can use.
  • You can be honest with your quit buddies: You can talk about your reasons for smoking, why you’re trying to quit, and the challenges you’ve faced along the way with your quit buddy without feeling judged.
  • You’ll make dynamic duo: You and your partner can come up with ideas for activities to restore the strength and speed cigarettes were robbing you of. Whether it’s jogging, hiking, or taking dance classes, both of you will be able to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

With a quit buddy by your side, you’ll be able to learn new ways to quit smoking. Find the Robin to your Batman this Monday and can give your health the boost that it needs.