Join smokers across the nation taking part in the Great American Smokeout hosted by the American Cancer Society!

To support this call-to-action, Quit & Stay Quit Monday introduces the new Monday Quit Kit to help quitters stay on track over the long haul.

Here’s the plan: Prepare to quit smoking with the millions of smokers across the country on November 15, then use every Monday afterward to stay smoke free with our Monday Quit Kit.

Picking the day is a big milestone. It’s the first step to quitting smoking and announces your intentions to quit and stay quit. It also says you are committed to making a change.

Remind yourself why you started this journey! After the big quit day, recommit to your quit every Monday. If you have a motivation list, take it out and look it over as a reminder of why you quit and to inspire your re-commitment.

Did you have a slip up after your quit day? Don’t beat yourself up! Acknowledge any progress you made, then quit again the following Monday.

Commit to taking part in the Great American Smokeout now! It’s the perfect opportunity to stamp out smoking from your life and use Mondays thereafter to help stay quit for good.

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