Quit & Stay Quit Monday’s Most Popular Practices of 2021

For cigarette smokers, the heightened levels of stress and uncertainty made 2021 a challenging year. That being said, our most popular Quit & Stay Quit articles of 2021 reflected a strong desire to understand the benefits of quitting in terms of time, money, and health, as well as learn different techniques to reduce triggers and the urge to smoke.

These four articles received the most attention from our audience (you), and we have collected them all here in one neat package for your reading pleasure. This Monday, let’s get ready for 2022 with a renewed commitment to get (and stay) tobacco-free.


You Just Quit Smoking: Here’s What to Expect During the First 24 Hours

Quitting smoking requires desire, dedication, and drive, but it also requires some research. Knowing what to expect — both the pleasant health benefits and the unpleasant withdrawals — will help you persevere and overcome a cigarette addiction.

For What to Expect During the First 24 Hours After Quitting Smoking, click here.

Control Cravings with Simple Deep Breathing Exercises

Smokers know that cigarette cravings can strike unexpectedly, but being prepared for these moments can help you resist these urges when they inevitably arise. One simple technique that can be applied at any moment is deep breathing. By focusing on the rhythm of your breath, you can redirect your attention away from the pesky craving and toward a place of calm.

For the Simple Deep Breathing Exercises to Control Cravings, click here.

Here’s How Much Time You’ll Save When You Quit Smoking

Not only does smoking cigarettes waste your money, it also wastes your time. But how much?

To Learn How Much Time You’ll Save When You Quit Smoking, click here.

Body Talk: The Good, The Bad, and The Jitters

After you stop smoking cigarettes — even for as little as 24 hours — the body starts to heal itself. But quitting also comes with some unpleasant physical symptoms, and, if not prepared, these side effects can be both difficult to handle and discouraging. That’s why we want to prepare you for all the physical symptoms you’ll experience when you stop smoking cigarettes — the good, the bad, and the jitters.

To Learn About the Good, the Bad, and the Jitters, click here.


Stay on Top of Your Quit with Our New Check-In Tool

With the Quit & Stay Quit Monday Check-in Tool, you can “check-in” every Monday to get useful tips and practices to help you regardless of where you are in your quit process. Building motivation? Feeling triggered? In need of a support buddy? We have resources for you.