Quit & Stay Quit Monday’s Most Popular Practices of 2022

Our most popular Quit & Stay Quit Monday articles of 2022 reflected a strong desire to understand the benefits of quitting, the effects of quitting on the body, and strategies for fighting cravings and staying quit. You’re committed to quitting and we’re committed to helping you quit and stay quit in the new year!

These five articles received the most attention from our audience (you), and we’re sharing them here in the hopes they’ll be helpful reminders and tools for you and others who may be just starting their quit journey. This Monday, let’s get ready for 2023 with a renewed commitment to get (and stay) tobacco-free.

You Just Went a Month Without Smoking — Johnny Tell Them What They’ve Won!

A month without smoking is a significant accomplishment, and a great way to stay motivated to stay quit is to tally up all the health, time, and financial benefits that you’ve accrued after a smoke-free month.

Keep Your Hands Busy to Stay Cigarette Free

Part of staying tobacco-free involves managing temptations. Cravings are common, but having a plan to deal with them will help you overcome urges when they arise. One cool trick is to reduce the desire for a cigarette is keeping your hands busy. The mere act of holding something in your hand will not only take your mind off smoking, but can actually physically prevent you from picking up a cigarette.

Stop-Smoking Affirmations to Help You Stay Quit

An affirmation is positive messaging that you can repeat to yourself during times of internal crisis. To use them as an effective cessation tool, establish a soothing internal dialogue in your mind and repeat these mini mantras to help react and manage cravings when they inevitably strike.

The Effects of Caffeine and Smoking

As you prepare for your Monday quit date, it is important to understand how the relationship between caffeine and smoking can affect you in the first few weeks of your quit. Caffeine actually has both a physiological and psychological effect on you when you smoke and when you quit.

Here’s What Happens to Your Lungs When You Stop Smoking

Smoking takes a heavy toll on your lungs; when you quit, your lungs get to quit too, and they’ll have a chance to recover from much of the damage they’ve experienced from tobacco.

Stay on Top of Your Quit with Our Check-In Tool

With the Quit & Stay Quit Monday Check-in Tool, you can “check-in” every Monday to get useful tips and practices to help you regardless of where you are in your quit process. Building motivation? Feeling triggered? In need of a support buddy? We have resources for you.