The Healthy Monday Holiday Guide

The combination of chilly weather, tempting treats, indulgent meals, and stressful social gatherings makes the holiday season an especially difficult time to stay committed to wellness goals. That’s why—from November to January—it’s important to carve out some time for healthy habits and self-care.

The Healthy Monday Holiday Guide package is a 7-week series designed to show users how they can make the best use of limited time and space to keep up with their healthy habits and stay stress-free during the holidays. From indoor workouts to calming breathing meditations, this collection of tips and techniques is a great gift to give to yourself and others. This Monday, get a head start on your healthy New Year’s resolution.

Healthy Monday Holiday Guide

Download our 7-week Holiday Guide package for seasonal graphics and practices designed to help you stay healthy through the hectic holiday season.


Make the time this Monday for some pre-holiday physical activity with some quick ideas to get your heart pumping.
We’ve compiled a collection of simple plant-based and vegan recipes perfect for any celebratory meal.
This Monday, write your own gratitude list that focuses on the people who make your life special to trigger feelings of love and thankfulness which will resonate with you throughout the week.


This Monday, combat the blues and lift your spirit with our list of easy stress-relief techniques and practices that you can use to stay calm, cool, and relaxed during the holidays.
In preparation for the joyous season ahead, start honing your skills by cooking up some plant-based holiday recipes that every type of eater will enjoy.
This Monday, learn all the different ways you can work out indoors with our list of low-impact exercise ideas appropriate for all ages and ability levels.

New Year

Think of Monday as a mini-New Year: by breaking down long-term goals into smaller steps at the start of each week, you increase the likelihood of developing lasting healthy habits.