Tobacco Free Amarillo Launches a Quit and Stay Quit Monday Campaign

July 11th, 2019

The city of Amarillo, Texas is turning to the power of Monday to help encourage their community to quit. Smoking cessation organization Tobacco Free Amarillo recently launched a Quit and Stay Quit Monday campaign, citing how weekly Monday milestones can help encourage smokers to kick the habit:

“A lot of times people kind of think in their minds, ‘Well, I’ll quit for New Year’s, or, I’ll quit for my birthday, or at this special event.’ There’s nothing coming up soon that’s really going to kick them to get started. So, since there’s 52 Mondays in a year, there’s 52 chances and so, there’s no excuse. Try it on a Monday, that one doesn’t work, guess what? Six days later, there’s going to be another Monday.”

Read the whole story and watch ABC 7 Amarillo’s video segment about the launch.