Urgent Self-Care – Recovering from Depletion

Giving so much of yourself each and every work day can take a toll on your physical health and mental wellbeing, and this makes it easier to fall victim to exhaustion, and feelings of loneliness, and detachment. But there are a few ways you can replenish your strength and focus.

Our Recovering from Depletion practices are designed to help you recapture that energy and confidence by strengthening the mind-body connection. By dedicating a few minutes each day to practicing some simple yoga poses, deep breathing exercises, and other restorative moments, you can regain your rhythm, and overcome challenges you may encounter throughout the day.

In the Moment Practices

This Monday, take a minute to destress with a one-minute meditation. Use our free, downloadable audio meditation aids to help calm your mind and clear your head.
Yoga is relaxing. Plus, it helps stave off stress and anxiety, builds strength, improves cardiovascular health, and curbs low-back pain. Start your week moving with some yoga on Monday.

At Home Practices

This Monday, work towards getting your night-time routine back on track with these simple practices for better sleep.
Exercising from bed sounds too good to be true, but with bed yoga, it’s possible to start your morning with a rejuvenating workout from the comfort of your mattress. Because it can be practiced on a soft surface, bed yoga is an accessible exercise for people of all ages a...

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