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The Kids Cook Monday collaborated with the New Jersey Healthy Kids Initiative to promote their aligned goals of promoting culinary literacy through getting kids involved in cooking with their families.
The Kids Cook Monday partners with the Healthy Food Choices in Schools Community of Practice by contributing peer-reviewed articles and webinars to the group.
Learn more about the benefits of The Kids Cook Monday and how a school in Brooklyn, P.S. 32, held Kids Cook Monday Family Cooking Night events.
When kids get into the kitchen to cook and eat regular meals with their families, they reap many benefits, including a stronger sense of confidence and a greater willingness to try new foods.
Research shows us that children in families that eat meals together without distractions, such as the television or smart phones, are less likely to be obese. When it comes to simple, healthy meals that appeal to everyone in the family, homemade pizzas are always a winner.
Parents and families today are tasked with numerous responsibilities: working and/or caring for children full-time, afterschool activities, homework help, birthday parties and taking children to and from weekend activities. However, families who find the time to shop, coo...
Our partnerships coordinator, Nara Sandberg, wrote for Grok Nation about how cooking with her grandmother inspired a lifelong love of home cooking and family meals.
Joshua Robinson reports for WGRZ Daybreak on the second Kids Cook Monday Family Dinner Night hosted by Eat Smart New York at Anna Merritt Elementary School, where dozens of students and parents practiced safe, healthy ways to both eat and cook healthy foods and prepared v...
For ChopChop Family, we spoke with Camille Casaretti, a parent of two, who brought Kids Cook Monday cooking classes to families at Public School (PS) 32 in Brooklyn, NY. Camille is a parent member of the School Leadership Team. We asked her to share effective ways to intr...
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