Make Monday Your Day to Quit… and Stay Quit

We support smokers with weekly tips and a check-in tool and offer a Program Enhancement Guide for tobacco cessation professionals.

Weekly Practices

This holiday season, let your loved ones support your quit from afar. A virtual check-in system allows you to use your network of friends and family to keep you committed to your quit, even when you're not under the same roof.
A lot can happen during that first 24 hours without a cigarette. Knowing what to expect — both the pleasant health benefits and the unpleasant withdrawals — can help you persevere and overcome the habit.
The American Cancer Society’s annual Great American Smokeout encourages people from across the country to take a step toward a smoke-free life, but as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, the need for tobacco cessation is greater now than ever before.
Few things in life are free and cigarettes are definitely not one of them. Smoking is the act of burning money. Literally. A smoking habit is a costly habit. How costly? Well, let’s have a look.
Cigarette smoking is a big financial expense, but it is also a big time-waster. Do you know how many hours do you actually spending smoking cigarettes each week? The number may surprise you.
Since our cell phones are almost always at our sides, downloading a tobacco cessation app is a convenient way to find support and stay connected with other smokers going through similar experiences.
The mere act of holding something in your hand will not only take your mind off smoking, but can actually physically prevent you from picking up a cigarette. This Monday, instead of reaching for cigarettes, make a plan for your hands.
You've stuck to your quit, so it's time to treat yourself. Sure, the pandemic has limited what you can do, but there are still a number of ways to feel pampered that are safe and socially distanced.

Success Stories

To reach its Native American and Spanish-speaking residents, the Pima County Health Department tasked Quit and Stay Quit Monday to provide 12-weeks of specialized smoking cessation materials.
The Virginia Department of Health partnered with Quit and Stay Quit Monday to promote the adoption of tobacco-free workplace policies with the ultimate goal of increasing employee utilization of the state’s quitline.
The partnership between QSQM and CEASE is an important one because it shows how wellness programs can be enhanced and embellished through the adoption of the Monday Refresh or weekly cue to recommit to your goal.

Start a Quit & Stay Quit Monday Program

Find the resources you need to start a Quit & Stay Quit Monday tobacco cessation program in your community.