DeStress on Monday to Stay Calm and Positive all Week

We have weekly practices in breathing, mindfulness and positivity to refresh your mind on Monday and help you manage stress all week.

Weekly Practices

Gratitude means taking what you have and making it enough. By pausing that extra second to appreciate the things we hold most dear — family, friends, our health, that morning cup of coffee, we can improve our own well-being and influence the lives of others. And this impa...
DeStress Earth Feature
Nature is medicine for soul. Spending more time outdoors can help you relieve stress and find balance. Learn how meditation can help you build a stronger connection with your natural surroundings.
DeStress Inner Strength Feature
The process for building inner strength is similar to that of physical strength, requiring the use of both mental discipline and physical determination. Yoga is an excellent way to foster the mind-body connection.
DeStress Positive Affirmations Feature
Flooding your mind with positive thoughts generates the energy necessary to push yourself to the next level, whether that means starting a new healthy habit, reducing stress levels, or making a career change.
DeStress SMART Feature
The SMART approach can help set us on a path to success. By breaking down goals into specific, measurable, and attainable steps, you are more likely to stay focused and maintain your commitment.
Sleep Ritual Feature
Lack of sleep can lead to burnout and can trigger or exacerbate a number of physical and mental health issues. Use a nighttime sleep ritual to wake up energized and refreshed.
Incremental Meditation Feature
Meditation has been used for centuries to train the mind to be more calm, focused, and resilient. This Monday, adopt a strategy for progressive meditation by building up your ability minute-by-minute
DeStress Home Office feature
Working from risks blending the critical line that divides your work from your personal life. Creating a dedicated home workspace can help reestablish those boundaries and make your job more enjoyable.

Success Stories

To address the unique challenges facing the medical community, The Monday Campaigns partnered with the Columbia University Irving Medical Center to develop a wellness program designed specifically for nurses.
The Monday Campaigns collaborated with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health to develop a “DeStress Monday for Teachers” program in Baltimore City Schools.
To make yoga accessible to patients with limited mobility, The Monday Campaigns partnered with NYU Langone Hospital to introduce a Destress Monday bed-yoga program to their existing integrative therapies for patients with limited mobility.
Nurses Meditating

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