DeStress on Monday to Stay Calm and Positive all Week

We have weekly practices in breathing, mindfulness and positivity to refresh your mind on Monday and help you manage stress all week.

Weekly Practices

DeStress Monday offers easy-to-follow mindfulness practices that may help reduce symptoms of stress. One of the most basic elements of a mindful practice is deep breathing.
It’s always better to give rather than receive, especially when it comes to compassion. A small act of kindness, a compliment, a sign of appreciation has the power to immediately transform someone’s outlook.
Stress can take a toll on your physical health and mental wellbeing, but it can also prevent you from excelling at work or cause disruptions in your personal life. So how do you start the week feeling less stressed? This Monday, try these five simple ways to minimize stre...
DeStress Earth Feature
Nature is medicine for soul. Spending more time outdoors can help you relieve stress and find balance. Learn how meditation can help you build a stronger connection with your natural surroundings.
April is Stress Awareness Month, giving everyone a chance to check in with the way stress is affecting their daily lives. Stress is a normal reaction, but there are ways to manage its symptoms before they get in the way of being productive and happy.
This Monday, understand how stress affects your health, and learn how you can use techniques to reduce your stress levels.
Change your focus to recall the positive this Monday for unexpected results. Savoring and focusing your thoughts on positive events is a way to shift to the positive and deflect stress.
This Monday, destress by exploring a garden or park near you! It can benefit your mind, body, and soul. Take a stroll through a park on your way to work, enjoy your lunch hour in a garden near your office, or sit on a lawn for an outdoor evening concert or movie.

Success Stories

To address the unique challenges facing the medical community, The Monday Campaigns partnered with the Columbia University Irving Medical Center to develop a wellness program designed specifically for nurses.
The Monday Campaigns collaborated with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health to develop a “DeStress Monday for Teachers” program in Baltimore City Schools.
From gratitude journaling to mindfulness to deep breathing, DeStress for Success offers solutions to common college-life problems and challenges.
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