Kids Cook Monday Resources

Organizations can download our packages of guides, printable materials, and social media graphics to help make Kids Cook Monday a part of their family health and nutrition programs.


Family Dinner Date Cookbook

Our easy-to-navigate cookbook will help you answer the perpetual question of “what’s for dinner tonight?”

Family Cooking Night Resources

Looking to plan a Family Cooking Night in your school or community? We've got you covered with all the resources you'll need.

Educators' Toolkit

Learn more about The Kids Cook Monday and how to bring this program to your classroom or school.

Printable Resources

Family Dinner Date PDFs

These PDFs provide ready-to-print versions of our Family Dinner Date recipes and activities.

Conversation Starters

These conversation starters provide fun topics to discuss as a family, as a community or in the classroom while enjoying a meal together.

Social Media

Spanish Resources

The Kids Cook Monday has Spanish language materials available for your use, including some printable Family Dinner Date recipe PDFs.

Kids Cook Monday Logos

Download The Kids Cook Monday logo for your free use on any materials, on your website or on social media.

Cooking Skills, Quotes, and Tips

Download our cooking skills, quote, and tip graphics to print or share on social media.

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