Start a Kids Cook Monday Program

Bringing The Kids Cook Monday program to your organization can help motivate families to cook together while learning about the benefits of healthy eating.

The Kids Cook Monday provides research, creative materials, and turnkey programs for free. TKCM also offers family-friendly recipes, video cooking demonstrations, and a free starter family dinner toolkit, making it easy for families to cook and eat together every Monday.

Selecting Materials

To help get you started, explore our Resources Page for our collection of implementation guides, original research, social media assets, creative graphics, recipes, digital cookbooks, and more. To get a better understanding of how TKCM can be incorporated into your specific organization, please view our collection of Success Stories.

Also available is a subscription to our Weekly Newsletter, which contains articles, tips, and recipes that can be used every Monday to help motivate families to get in the kitchen and cook together.

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Success Stories

The Kids Cook Monday collaborated with the New Jersey Healthy Kids Initiative to promote their aligned goals of promoting culinary literacy through getting kids involved in cooking with their families.
The Kids Cook Monday partners with the Healthy Food Choices in Schools Community of Practice by contributing peer-reviewed articles and webinars to the group.

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