Use Monday to Take the Next Step Towards Healthy Eating as a Family

Setting aside the first night of every week to cook with your kids fosters a greater appreciation of food, cooking, and healthy eating, which can reduce the likelihood of certain health issues in the future

The Kids Cook Monday Can Support Healthier Eating Habits

Organizations and individuals can use our free resources to help educate children and families about the many benefits of cooking and eating meals together or to start a program of their own.

Whether you’re a school, university, hospital, or municipality, there’s plenty of ways to promote the idea of getting kids in the kitchen. Learn how you can use a weekly Monday cue to get the whole family cooking.

Join a community of like-minded individuals and groups that know how cooking as a family can support healthy lifestyles. Explore our recipes and features for a range of tips, techniques, and actions that you can do every Monday — and beyond — to help get the whole family in the kitchen.

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