Building a Support Network Improves Your Chances for a Successful Quit

Finding support — whether from a friend, family member, online support group, or a nicotine replacement therapy — can greatly improve your chances of a successful quit.

Cigarette smoking is more than just a nasty habit; it’s a physiological addiction, which means attempts at quitting are often accompanied by a collection of disruptive withdrawals. These symptoms — whether physical cravings or mood swings — can affect your daily routine and lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation.

But quitting cigarettes isn’t something you should do alone.

A 2015 survey sponsored by the American Lung Association and Pfizer found that of adult smokers trying to quit, 80 percent of respondents said that receiving support from others was “very important” while quitting smoking. Research reinforces this sentiment, indicating that when people around you stop smoking, that your chances of quitting increase as well.

Sources of support are abundant and diverse, and can include your immediate network of friends and family, your colleagues and workplace, online support groups and cessation apps, and nicotine replacement therapies. Utilizing these resources will keep you on track, focused, and accountable for “slip ups” and restarts.

Use this Monday to assemble your support team and find online communities that can help you through the tough times of your quit.