Add Quit & Stay Quit Monday to Your Program

Supplementing an existing tobacco cessation program with Quit & Stay Quit Monday materials is a new way to encourage individuals to quit, re-quit, or recommit to ending their tobacco use every Monday.

How to Start a Quit & Stay Quit Monday Program

Quit & Stay Quit Monday provides research, creative materials, and turnkey programs for free. Our tools are flexible and customizable, and can be adapted to accomplish a variety of tobacco cession goals.  Whether you’re a community leader, business owner, or health department head, Quit & Stay Quit Monday can help people prepare to quit, find a support system, cope with cravings, and stay committed to their quit.

Selecting Materials

To help get you started, explore our Resources Page for our Monday Quit Kit, original research, social media assets, creative graphics, practices, and more. To get a better understanding of how Quit & Stay Quit Monday can be incorporated into your specific organization, please view our collection of Success Stories.

Also available for use is our archive of Weekly Practices, which we send out in our Weekly Newsletter.  These articles, creative graphics, practices, and tips can be used every Monday to help motivate and encourage individuals to quit or recommit to their quit.

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Success Stories

To reach its Native American and Spanish-speaking residents, the Pima County Health Department tasked Quit and Stay Quit Monday to provide 12-weeks of specialized smoking cessation materials.
The Virginia Department of Health partnered with Quit and Stay Quit Monday to promote the adoption of tobacco-free workplace policies with the ultimate goal of increasing employee utilization of the state’s quitline.
The partnership between QSQM and CEASE is an important one because it shows how wellness programs can be enhanced and embellished through the adoption of the Monday Refresh or weekly cue to recommit to your goal.

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